Introducing Halo

Halo are the world’s leading bodycam specialist and have years of frontline experience in the UK and European Body Camera market. This gives them first-hand knowledge of how they need to work in the real world.

Alongside their Halo Horizon series of bodycameras, we want to introduce Halo Vault!

HALO Vault is their digital evidence and asset management software. This is an online platform for storing, viewing and streaming multiple media types. Wrapped up in one secure CLOUD-based environment and reducing paperwork.

Uploading and viewing content needs to be quick and efficient so this is what HALO Vault aims to do. Read below to find the features of using HALO Vault:


100% Cloud-based

Using Cloud means it covers all digital media types including bodycam footage. Additionally, you can view it on any modern browser, making your content easily accessible at any time.


Shared Portal

Having a central sharing portal makes it easy to play and download videos and content. Making it effortless to safely review, stream, and share files.


Tiered Access

Video access is audited with usernames, times, and actions. This keeps your data safe and protected because you need to keep an eye on your sensitive data.


Flag Content

Using Cloud means you can easily mark and identify evidential video and media files instead of scrolling through hours of footage.


Automatic Deletion

Files not considered to be ‘evidential’ in nature will be automatically deleted by the HALO Vault after a period of time, this time period is configurable because it helps stay within GDPR and Privacy Laws.


External Users

External users can access bodycam videos that are shared with them, another plus of using the Cloud system. Third-parties can view metadata safely and securely.


Depending on your industry, Halo’s statutory cold storage solution allows their customers across the security industry to lawfully retrieve older evidential footage. This is fully GDPR compliant and is ideal for ongoing incidents and investigations.


HALO Vault is built for a world full of budget cuts and increasing demands of front-line staff. With the Horizon series, your solution is tailored to suit your team’s needs. Along with the Vault, take a look at the Halo Horizon series and the additional equipment alongside, such as the Hybrid Multi-dock. All can be viewed here.


Is Halo Horizon, the next generation of bodycameras, your solution? Find out more on our social media about the Horizon series or call today to discuss Halo!

Phone: 0330 088 7008


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