7 reasons why you need walkie-talkies in your bar, club or restaurant.

Walkie-talkies have long provided a communication solution for those working in the hospitality industry.
With the new light-weight handset designs, robust & waterproof build and additional features there’s never been a better time to start using walkie-talkies in your bar, club or restaurant.


Why walkie-talkies?

1.      They save you time.

Imagine being able to get a message to your colleague (or even the whole the team at once) in the cellar, in the kitchen, on the door or in the back office without having to leave your post – walkie-talkies give you instant communication in any environment.

2.      Evidence collection.

The sad reality is that violence and confrontation is commonplace in today’s bars and clubs. Many radios link to body worn cameras that collect video evidence. A great deterrent, and a sure way to relay the facts when things do kick off – Protecting you and your revellers.

3.      No mobile signal required.

Mobile phones can be great, but walkie-talkies have the benefit of connecting without any mobile signal, so even deep in the back of the club, in the kitchen or cellar, or up and down all floors, you can still get a message to where it is needed, even when the mobile signal has dropped off.

4.      Accessories to get the job done.

With a wide range of walkie-talkie accessories, there’s the perfect solution for each of your staff, whether it’s earpieces, a carry case or vibrating belt clip, an extra-long life battery or a 6-way charger, there will be the perfect accessories to suit all your team’s needs.

5.      Look no hands!

With features such as open radio channels, remote microphones, earpieces and one touch emergency calling, you can keep your hands on the job at all times. Great when you are juggling a few drinks or dealing with an awkward customer.

6.      Emergency Call.

On the occasions you need instant back up or you need to communicate an emergency, you can call your whole team at once. If you have a fire, or safety issue, your entire team can be aware within seconds and emergency procedures can get started without raising the alarm to the public.

7.      They don’t cost the earth!

Walkie-talkies are more cost effective than you think. With hire options available, the weekly cost of a radio can be as little as £1, a tiny price to pay to keep the team connected.

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