Facilitating a School Lockdown – 3 Minutes To Get It Right

Facilitating a School Lockdown – 3 Minutes To Get It Right

The safety and protection of children in educational institutions are of utmost significance. Recent government guidelines have made it mandatory for all schools to have a procedure for school lockdowns. During a lockdown, the school swiftly secures all entry and exit points within a remarkably short time frame of three minutes.

3 Minutes Isn’t Long – How can radios help in your school lockdown?

Consider this: You can finish reading this article aloud in that very same three-minute duration. Now, imagine the challenge faced by school staff when responding to an incident in a large campus within such a limited timeframe. If you were to send someone to the location, they would take approximately 27 seconds to cover every 100 meters. By the time you reach this point in the article, a minute has already passed, and you may be running out of options as the potential threat looms closer.

Thankfully, technology, coupled with insightful approaches, can offer a solution to this predicament. The best two way radios for schools enable communication across the campus with a simple push of a button. At Digitall Comms, we specialise in providing such equipment, offering tailored packages to accommodate your site’s size, layout, and specific requirements. By partnering with a company that possesses expertise in emergency response best practices and supplies top-notch radios for schools, you can achieve a swift lockdown in a matter of seconds instead of minutes.

During a school lockdown facilitated by walkie talkies, key personnel, including the secretary, caretaker, and other staff members, follow a predetermined pattern of response to minimise risks to the children under their care.

Pre-Arranged Signal

In times of emergency, it is crucial to employ a pre-arranged signal for communication. Announcing the exact nature of an incident over a radio network would be ill-advised, as it could cause panic and potentially alert intruders or aggressors to your awareness of their presence.

Instead, a coded message can be transmitted, blending seamlessly with ordinary school conversations but containing a specific element that everyone is trained to recognise. For example, a coded message might be: “Please remind your classes that the sign-up sheet for Swahili lessons is in reception.” In this case, “Swahili” acts as the code word that prompts staff members to initiate lockdown procedures, and “reception” indicates the location currently central to the incident. Naturally, this method cannot be used in a school where Swahili is genuinely part of the curriculum, as it would lead to false alarms.

This approach to handling emergencies is employed in various settings, including shops, banks, and uniformed services. It is recommended to complement this procedure with the use of the best two way radios for schools, where safety and speed are of the essence.

To learn more, visit our Radio for Schools & Education page or call our expert team on 0330 088 7008.

Factors Affecting Two-Way Radio Transmission

Factors Affecting Two-Way Radio Transmission
Factors Affecting Two-Way Radio Transmission


We’re all aware of the term ‘walkie-talkie’ which is a term generally known in the industry to describe unlicensed handheld radio devices. The term two-way radio includes both unlicensed and licensed equipment, handheld and vehicle mounted. However, due to the wide use of both, the terms walkie talkie and two way radio are used interchangeably to describe all two way communications devices. Two-way radios are one of the best ways of communication, keeping in mind their features and capabilities.

Hytera Two Way Radios

A two way radio works in two ways, either a licensed frequency or a license-free frequency. Two-way radio devices keep you connected by connecting audio to radio waves that are transmitted through the air. These radio waves are then received by other radios that convert the radio waves back to audio. The conversation via radio waves is sent either in analogue or digital, which is a more modern technology.

Analogue / Digital

The two-way radios are available for purchasing usually ranging from 66 MHz to 470 MHz. A selection of popular two-way radios that are available on the market include the Motorola DP4400e, Hytera HP605, Entel DX422, Icom F2100D, Entel DX482 and many more.

It is advisable to speak to your two way radio provider if you are looking to purchase two way radios for the first time or if you have existing equipment and are looking to extend your fleet of radios. There are many new digital features available due to evolving technologies; assess which features could benefit you and your setup and also check for compatibility with an existing fleet.

We have two-way radios for sale on our website. Check out for the best two-way radios and also get to talk to the experts who will guide you to the right product.

Factors that Affect Two-Way Radio Transmission

Radio Power

The power output of a two-way radio is measured in watts and is an important factor in the distance of transmission. A vehicle mounted radio may transmit from 5-25 watts, however, a handheld radio will transmit from 1-5 watts. It is important to remember that the higher the watts of the radio, the farther the transmission. Something to consider, the more watts transmitted the faster the drain on the battery.

Radio Frequencies

The frequency that a two-way device uses and the environment that it is used in gives an indication of how far a radio frequency will communicate. The wavelength affects the transmission range under various conditions.

There are two major formats for most two-way radios: Ultra high-frequency (UHF) radios and very high-frequency (VHF) radios. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, that are effective in their ways but it is very important to decide the right radio for you depending on the application. Let me take you through both of these frequencies to understand if and where they can be used.

UHF and VHF Radio

Commercial radios have a UHF (Ultra high frequency) radio band that ranges between 430 to 470 MHz or VHF (Very High Frequency) ranges between 136-174 MHz.

UHF is the favorable option when using indoors or indoors to outdoors in densely populated areas due to the shorter radio length being able to get around or penetrate areas of interference.

The radio band of VHF ranges between 136-174 MHz. It is an excellent choice for outdoor use, when there is a clear line of sight with little or no obstruction. and works marginally better in hilly terrain than the UHF alternative due to refraction. VHF is commonly used in emergency rescue and marine communication. VHF frequency struggles to work in and amongst trees and rugged landscapes, if the area is heavily wooded or built up then UHF becomes the better choice.

Ofcom requires you to have a license to operate with UHF and VHF two-way radio equipment.

What Can Help?

Repeaters increase the range of your two-way radios. Set up a two-way radio system or a two-way radio repeater tower. Many enterprises such as stadiums, hospital complexes, high-rise buildings, and school campuses use repeaters. You can check out these repeaters for your devices: Motorola SLR 1000 Repeater, Motorola SLR5500, Motorola SLR8000.

Improving your external antenna system is a great way to improve your system’s performance. To make sure that the range is optimised, the antenna must be as high as possible. We have all kinds of fixed and mobile antennas available to enhance your coverage for your two way radio’s long range depending upon your need.

Make sure that the batteries are of good quality for longer use. Battery Analysis and Restoration is available to ensure your equipment is working at its optimum.


If you are looking for a two-way radio system for professional use, both UHF and VHF are great options giving consideration to the range and the environment you need it for.

We have got you covered with a wide range of two-way devices as per your requirement and provide you with an efficient mode of communication. For any two-way radio-related information, reach out to us on 0330 088 7008. We would be happy to help!

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Let’s Talk! Hiring Two Way Radios, PoC Radios & Bodycams

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Let’s Talk! Hiring Two Way Radios, PoC Radios & Bodycams

Previously, we have touched upon 7 benefits of hiring two way radios, PoC radios, and bodycams. Let’s delve a little deeper into the benefits of hiring communication equipment with Digitall Comms.


Get The Right Equipment For You

Hiring communication equipment means flexibility, we have an extensive hire fleet available to choose from. You can test out various pieces of equipment to find which communication solution works best for you and can be tailored to your individual needs. This includes accessories too, trying to have all angles covered when purchasing can be a waste and costly. Especially if you don’t use the equipment frequently.

We understand that different events and teams may require different products which is why you don’t have to stick with the same equipment every time you hire from us. You can choose to try out the latest communication technology without taking the leap to purchase. On the other hand, if your solution didn’t get the result you wanted, we can help to create a new solution for you to try.

Repeaters are available to extend or boost your coverage if you have a large or obstructed site. Check out our blog if you’re unsure if you will require a repeater or speak to our expert team!


Safety First

Within the festive season, retail and businesses are busier than ever! Equipping your staff not only provides them with support and assurance but also the ability to require help at the press of a button, they are big benefits of walkie talkie hire.

With security heightened, venues and security teams need to be able to cope with the influx of people around for Halloween, Bonfire Night, and Christmas events. For crowd control, disturbances, busy shopping centres, the upcoming Christmas markets, and even the Christmas Light Switch On.

Two way radios have great features to help with safety of all staff and potential customers attending your business or event over the next few months. Read more on their features within the ‘Features’ section.


The Perfect Solution

Hiring communication equipment can be the easiest solution for many businesses.

The Christmas and New Year season are a perfect demonstration of why hiring communication equipment is the right solution for many. Many businesses and industries don’t need communication equipment all year round, however the festive period over Winter can mean they’re over-crowded and require extra safety & support that comms equipment delivers.

It is ideal if you have temporary staff over your busy periods. Learning how to use two way radios is a doddle, no intense training required, questions can be asked over the air waves. PoC radios are just as easy to handle, the functionality is similar to mobile phones & with most people being familiar with mobile phone technology it’s quite straight forward. That being said, instruction and training is available from our technical team.

A discussion that comes up frequently is – why not mobile phones? PoC can work on the phone network and also Wi-Fi, therefore are more reliable in terms of coverage. Call at the touch of a button or group calling. Mobile phones can be more expensive, and dangerous to use in certain industries. To find out more, why not check out our PoC vs Mobile Phone blog to see more differences between the communication devices.


Budget Friendly

Organisations get locked into a cycle of replacing cheap hand portables due to the poor quality, which just ends up costing more in the long run. Most communication equipment have an estimated lifespan of 5-7 years which overall makes it more cost effective. This is due to less money being spent continuously replacing devices, especially if you’re hiring since you’ll get a different set of radios each time that have been regularly checked and serviced between hires.

Transparent pricing with no surprise costs. No license fees for short term hiring of radio equipment, everything is included, your only payment would be your monthly fixed rate hire payment. Potential extra costs can be found within our Radio Hire Guide so you can be prepared for any situation. PoC radios may require SIM charges depending on the length of the hire, however our expert team can help you with this. Our hire rates vary and are dependent on how long the hire term is for.



Our communication equipment has many features across all products. Two way radios include man down and lone worker, and other programmable features such as manager and group calling. These are perfect for outside lone workers, whether you’re a security officer or retail assistant. The Emergency Button can be programmed in the instance of a vital situation which travels back to the main device to alert them of an emergency, all at the push of a button. Due to these radios being a pure communication device, it lowers distractions and encourages productivity and awareness. Manager/Supervisory radios can be programmed to assist with direct & group calling.

PoC is brilliant due to the range of features it provides. Third-party apps are available on all PoC devices. If the app is available on Android devices, they function on PoC devices. Large area coverage ranging from nationally to world-wide, with different SIM options available.

Body cameras are great evidential devices, capturing both video and audio. These are also built with a programmable button, giving your staff easy access to emergency communication. Some models now have live-streaming capabilities, please chat to our expert team if this is something you would like to know more about.


Having communication devices to help with safety and efficiency is a major benefit of walkie talkie, PoC, and body cam hire. If you have any more questions regarding hiring of two way communication equipment, get in touch and our expert team will be happy to help with any enquiries!

Email: hello@digitall-comms.co.uk

Phone: 0330 088 7008


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Introducing Halo

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Factors Affecting Two-Way Radio Transmission

Introducing Halo

Halo are the world’s leading bodycam specialist and have years of frontline experience in the UK and European Body Camera market. This gives them first-hand knowledge of how they need to work in the real world.

Alongside their Halo Horizon series of bodycameras, we want to introduce Halo Vault!

HALO Vault is their digital evidence and asset management software. This is an online platform for storing, viewing and streaming multiple media types. Wrapped up in one secure CLOUD-based environment and reducing paperwork.

Uploading and viewing content needs to be quick and efficient so this is what HALO Vault aims to do. Read below to find the features of using HALO Vault:


100% Cloud-based

Using Cloud means it covers all digital media types including bodycam footage. Additionally, you can view it on any modern browser, making your content easily accessible at any time.


Shared Portal

Having a central sharing portal makes it easy to play and download videos and content. Making it effortless to safely review, stream, and share files.


Tiered Access

Video access is audited with usernames, times, and actions. This keeps your data safe and protected because you need to keep an eye on your sensitive data.


Flag Content

Using Cloud means you can easily mark and identify evidential video and media files instead of scrolling through hours of footage.


Automatic Deletion

Files not considered to be ‘evidential’ in nature will be automatically deleted by the HALO Vault after a period of time, this time period is configurable because it helps stay within GDPR and Privacy Laws.


External Users

External users can access bodycam videos that are shared with them, another plus of using the Cloud system. Third-parties can view metadata safely and securely.


Depending on your industry, Halo’s statutory cold storage solution allows their customers across the security industry to lawfully retrieve older evidential footage. This is fully GDPR compliant and is ideal for ongoing incidents and investigations.


HALO Vault is built for a world full of budget cuts and increasing demands of front-line staff. With the Horizon series, your solution is tailored to suit your team’s needs. Along with the Vault, take a look at the Halo Horizon series and the additional equipment alongside, such as the Hybrid Multi-dock. All can be viewed here.


Is Halo Horizon, the next generation of bodycameras, your solution? Find out more on our social media about the Horizon series or call today to discuss Halo!

Phone: 0330 088 7008


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How It Works: PoC Dispatch Console

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How It Works: PoC Dispatch Console

How It Works: PoC Dispatch Console

Like most communication devices, PoC radios link back to a central dispatch system. This dispatch system has instant deployment almost anywhere due to the use of Wi-Fi, meaning it has an unlimited range and number of channels with less risk of interference.

But how does this work and what benefits does it provide in addition to your push to talk over cellular devices?

The dispatch system works by installing the dispatcher software onto a PC and logging in with the required information that will be given to you within your purchasing or hiring process. From here there is a vast amount of information and management control you are able to access.


Task Management

From the dispatch system, you can oversee the tasks currently distributed. This makes it easier to manage employees and organise workflow across the team. With the use of apps, this workflow and job updates can be sent to the PoC radios of the team.


Tracking With PoC

PoC radios have the ability to GPS track, which can report back to the dispatch system. Using the dispatch system, you are able to view and monitor the locations of any staff member that is equipped with a PoC device. When the emergency button is activated on a unit, it is displayed on the system map, making them easier to find.

Additionally, geofencing is possible across any and all poc radios. This is a location-based service in which an app or other software program uses radio frequency identification, Wi-Fi, GPS, or cellular data to trigger a specific action. This could be a text, email, social media advertisement, or app notification.


Monitoring and Contacting

From the central dispatch system, you can initiate group calls, make a priority call, send and receive text messages, and a history viewer. You also have access to a contact book to be able to oversee all staff. All push to talk over cellular radios have these three functions: emergency button, lone worker, and man down. These are managed and configured within the system.


More PoC Dispatch Features

The dispatch system is used to configure your PoC devices and set up users. Perfect for multi-site, cross-country, and high-density city centre businesses. Since push to talk over cellular devices can use existing Wi-Fi networks, it delivers improved coverage and communications across the board.


If you think poc radios can contribute and help your business, get in touch with our expert radio team on:

Email: hello@digitall-comms.co.uk

Call Today: 0330 088 7008

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T18 PoC Bundle Offer

Let’s Focus: Hytera BD615 and Icom IC-F27SR

Let’s Focus: Hytera BD615 and Icom IC-F27SR!


We’re proud to introduce two new radios to our two way radio fleet! The Hytera BD615 and Icom IC-F27SR are brand new to our fleet.

We will cover the features of these brand new radios and provide more information to help you find the best solution for your business.


Hytera BD615

The new bold two-colour BD615 is the best value IP66 digital device available. The performance is taken from the now-discontinued TC6 analogue series and is tested to meet Military standards, including temperature, shock, and vibrations. The IP66 rating guarantees reliability and robust use.

Hytera understands the need to operate in a harsh environment which is why they have engineered the BD615 as an all-in-one solution. Reimagining a business radio using both DMR and analogue technology. As a lightweight device with easy operation and long battery life. It has a simple user interface to ensure ease of use and improved efficiency.

There is a wide range of accessories available for this device, all designed and tested to operate under extreme conditions.


Icom IC-F27SR

Guess whose back? The IC-F2SR!

Due to complications with PMR446 products, ICOM has re-introduced this licence free two way radio. It will seamlessly fit into existing PMR446 systems and bridge the gap between new versions being released. Don’t worry, the IC-F27SR is a robust professional easy-to-use solution.

Outstanding audio quality, high performance, and strong commercial build quality make this ideal for users in diverse areas. In addition, it has up to 55 hours of operating time, this radio can last an entire shift alongside its many other features.

Keep your eyes peeled! Icom IC-F27SR will officially be available from mid-August.


Check out our highlighted products below!

Push To Talk Over Cellular (PoC) vs Mobile Phones

Push To Talk Over Cellular (PoC) vs Mobile Phones

There is a lot of competition within communication devices on the market currently but choosing the right one for your business is important. Push to talk over cellular radios are becoming a must have business communication device for a lot of companies worldwide. This is seen by an expected CAGR (compound annual growth) rate of 9.4% from 2020 – 2027.

Let’s delve into the differences between PoC radios and mobile phones.


Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are typically used due to everyone having them to hand as standard but there are advantages and disadvantages to using your phone devices.

One of the advantages of using mobile phones is that no licence is required. This means no extra costs on top for your communication. People understand mobile phones, and use them in their day-to-day lives making them comfortable to use.

There are a few downsides to using mobile phones. Firstly, there are no safety features. Unlike PoC and two way radios that have in-built features which will be discussed later, phones don’t offer that type of protection and security.

Mobile phones are easily breakable, there is only so much a screen protector and case can do. They’re not suitable for hazardous or busy environments. In addition, the mobile phone functions off a one-to-one communication system making it difficult to contact your team all together. Signal can be an issue even with SIM and data.


Push To Talk Over Cellular

PoC radios combining two way radios and mobile phone technology gives you the best of both communication worlds.

Push to talk over cellular is easy to set up, with little to no training required. This is because there is no complex system to figure out, saving you time and money on training. Another money-saving reason is they require no OFCOM licence unlike two way radios. If you’re using these on Wi-Fi, there are no additional costs to consider.

If you do decide a SIM card is the best option, we have two types available. A single network SIM and a multi-net SIM. A multi-net SIM means that it will connect to any network available in your area without interrupting the IP address. However, a single net SIM is more cost-effective as it only links to one network but there is a limit on the range you experience.


Mobile phone, two way radio, and poc radio comparison

Where mobile phones use a one-to-one system, poc radios use one-to-one and one-to-many systems. Instant communication makes contacting your team quicker and easier. No more waiting for the other team member to answer your call.

In addition to this, PoC radios can integrate into your current communication system, making them a multi-fleet device. Ideally, this is when a senior member of staff continues to use a mobile phone whilst the rest of the team is supplied with PoC’s. Just install the app to integrate the devices together.

Man down, lone worker, emergency button – these are all features that will find on a standard two way radio and push to talk over cellular radio. Upping the safety measure in place for each member of staff, making them feel safe and secure when working. Not to mention the push to talk function button, communication at the press of a button.

The biggest difference between PoC and mobile phones is durability. PoC devices are built with high IP rating, making them durable around dust, water, and hard surfaces. Perfect for hazardous and dangerous industries such as construction and facilities. Rugged PoC’s are available which are built to withstand any dangerous situation.

If you think poc radios can contribute and help your business, get in touch with our expert radio team on:

Email: hello@digitall-comms.co.uk

Call Today: 0330 088 7008

To learn more, follow our socials to discover all about PoC radios!


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T18 PoC Bundle Offer

Let’s Focus: Kenwood TK-3701D

Let’s Focus: Kenwood TK-3701D

The Kenwood TK-3701D is becoming a popular product amongst our customers. From security to schools, this licence-free radio is great for various industries. Let’s take a deep dive into the TK-3701D.

Part of the ProTalk range, the TK-3701D is a dual-mode analogue and digital two way radio. Therefore, it is ideal for mixed fleets or if you’re gradually upgrading your handsets to digital as you can easily switch between the two.


You receive all the perks of digital radios including the clear and crisp audio quality with less residual noise and extended coverage. With this in mind, there are a total of 48 preset channels (32 digital and 16 analogue) in 3 zones (2 digital and 1 analogue) which gives you freedom between the two modes. With an IP rating of IP54/55, it provides enough protection for any typical day-to-day duties. To find out more about IP ratings, click here.

Licence Free

As a result of being licence free, it operates on free-to-access public frequencies otherwise known as PMR446 channels. Another great feature of this radio is the straight-out-the-box use. In other words, it is already pre-programmed and can be used immediately with any type of two way radio. On the other hand, you may experience interference from other licence free radios in your area. However, if privacy is important to you, we have ‘code’ options available that we can program in that will ensure privacy.

Licence free radios are a great cost-effective option. For instance, the low price makes it easy for small businesses to benefit from quality communication and the features of digital radios, without the price of a licence.

Kenwood TK-3701D radios are popular across all industries due to their straightforward use and the many opportunities they offer. We have provided both security and schools with TK-3701D’s but have found other industries have found these radios have suited their needs.


Check out the Kenwood TK-3701D varieties below!

Manufacturers To Increase Two Way Radio Prices

The latest two way radio news this week comes from our manufacturers. Due to the market changes across 2020 and in 2021, Consam, Motorola, 3M, and Hytera have made the decision to increase the prices across their two way radio products and ranges.

Consam is increasing prices of their rack chargers from 1st August. Motorola and 3M will be increasing their prices, starting from 1st September. Hytera will follow on 15th October. 

Any products ordered before the respected dates will be processed at the original prices. Any orders placed after either date will be under the new price change.

If you have been looking into Consam, Motorola, 3M, or Hytera products, this is an amazing opportunity to secure them before the price increase.

Check out a range of products below or get in touch with our expert team for an extra helping hand.

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    What is 7 + 8 ?

    Push To Talk Over Cellular Radios – 6 Benefits

    PoC Radios – 6 Benefits

    There are many benefits to push to talk over cellular radios, this can be down to the integration of both two way radio and mobile phone technology. We will go through the benefits of PoC and how these can improve businesses and team management.


    Worldwide Communication

    Poc radios use SIM cellular, 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi networks to transmit communication. This means they can work nationwide and worldwide, providing you with seamless and effective communication, no matter where you are or your staff are based. In comparison to two way radios which have a specific signal range and tend to need repeaters for longer distances.


    Low Cost Option

    Push to talk over cellular is a great start up radio due to their low cost. Unlike two way radios, there is no licence fee or additional extras that you have to pay for. If you are using your Wi-Fi network, you don’t have to pay for a SIM or data. Reducing the amount you would pay in total, to a budget-friendly option. If you do prefer the SIM card option, there are packages available that we can help factor into your cost and budget.


    Instant communication

    Taking from the two way radio technology it is based on, instant communication is guaranteed when it’s at the press of a button. No more dial tones, missed calls, or voicemail. Poc makes it easier to transmit across sites and teams, and majorly improves workflow.

    Additionally, PoC has the ability to become multi-fleet. Poc radios can be integrated into an existing mobile phone fleet due to the technology it is built with. This tends to be used in teams where the manager is a pre-existing mobile phone user and the rest of the team is supplied with PoC’s.


    High-Quality Audio

    Don’t miss out on quality, let communication be crystal clear. Even in busy or harsh environments, the noise-cancelling technology within poc radios works to provide you with the highest-quality audio possible so you don’t have to worry about being unheard.


    Road Legal

    Push to talk over cellular radios are in compliance with DOT (department of transport) regulations, meaning poc devices can be used on the road for commercial vehicles. Perfect for logistics, delivery, and couriers.


    Multi-Use Features

    PoC radios offer a range of features that can be vital within a business. There are a variety of android apps that can be downloaded to provide seamless workflow and faster service. GPS tracking, emergency button, man down, and lone worker are all features that can be vital in emergency situations.

    There are a range of models available that have barcode scanners built in, great for ticket and event industries. PoC devices are an all-in-one tool that can save you time, money, and training.



    Any app that is available on the Google Play store, is available on the poc device. Majority of industries use this for task distribution, time scheduling, and workflow. It helps limit the amount of devices needed to do the job, making it a multi-functional tool within the workplace.

    Additionally, geofencing is possible across any and all poc radios. This is a location-based service in which an app or other software program uses radio frequency identification, Wi-Fi, GPS, or cellular data to trigger a specific action. This could be a text, email, social media advertisement, or app notification.


    Now that we have discussed the benefits to poc, check out our next blog for how a poc radio differs from a mobile phone, another commonly used device in the workplace.

    If you think poc radios can contribute and help your business, get in touch with our expert radio team on:

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