Social Distancing Two Way Radios for Schools

Are you prepared for social distancing in your school? We know the care taken to keep our nations pupils safe. Lock down was already playing an important part in schools long before Covid-19 came along. But how will new measures of social distancing affect the way your staff members communicate once the schools start to open once more?  Digitall Comms are here to offer advice on the best social distancing two way radios for schools to help guide you through these times.

Planning Ahead with Two Way Radios

As our clients in the education sector highlight the logistical problems they are facing with the prospect of schools reopening, Digitall Comms is on hand.  We have been considering the issues and helping clients to develop plans to overcome this unplanned disruption with the help of two way radios.

Digitall Comms has hand picked two of the best two way radio communication solutions that we believe will help you stay safe in the coming months and for years to come.


The Hytera PD405

Hytera PD405 for Schools

Why do we recommend this model? The Hytera PD405 is a robust conventional digital two way radio. It is a lightweight entry level model that works perfectly for team communications.  Use with a D Shaped earpiece or surveillance earpiece knowing your staff members can communicate safely at a distance.

As the PD405 is lightweight it is perfect for education settings, as a result many team members report the PD405 is an ideal size and weight for daily use.  Coupled with the entry level price point this is a great compact digital radio for small to medium education settings.  The Hytera PD405 will ensure staff and pupils stay safe without impacting budgets hugely.


The Motorola SL1600

Motorola SL1600 for Schools

Why do we recommend this model? The Motorola SL1600 measures just 22mm in thickness and weighs 169g.  From listening to teachers concerns of carrying a heavy two way radio.  As previous the size & weight give the SL1600 a deciding factor in the top pics of two way radios for school.

The sleek design is not the only benefit of the SL1600. Being robust and full of features makes this an an effective digital two way radio for medium and larger education settings.


Education Sector Experts

Things may have changed for the foreseeable future, however, Digitall Comms is available to share our expertise in the education sector.  Partnering with you & your school personnel, to offer guidance on the best social distancing two way radios for schools. Enabling you to practice safe social distancing will ensure you emerge from this time – Stronger, Smarter, Equipped.

Radio Hire Options Available

Digitall Comms has a vast two way radio hire fleet with flexible options available to suit your needs.  Also, we also supply two way radio models from all manufacturers.  If your desired model is not highlighted above we are more than happy to discuss more options with you.

If you would like Digital Comms to partner with you to develop a plan for social distancing in your school call our team 0330 088 7008