How It Works: PoC Dispatch Console

How It Works: PoC Dispatch Console

How It Works: PoC Dispatch Console

Like most communication devices, PoC radios link back to a central dispatch system. This dispatch system has instant deployment almost anywhere due to the use of Wi-Fi, meaning it has an unlimited range and number of channels with less risk of interference.

But how does this work and what benefits does it provide in addition to your push to talk over cellular devices?

The dispatch system works by installing the dispatcher software onto a PC and logging in with the required information that will be given to you within your purchasing or hiring process. From here there is a vast amount of information and management control you are able to access.


Task Management

From the dispatch system, you can oversee the tasks currently distributed. This makes it easier to manage employees and organise workflow across the team. With the use of apps, this workflow and job updates can be sent to the PoC radios of the team.


Tracking With PoC

PoC radios have the ability to GPS track, which can report back to the dispatch system. Using the dispatch system, you are able to view and monitor the locations of any staff member that is equipped with a PoC device. When the emergency button is activated on a unit, it is displayed on the system map, making them easier to find.

Additionally, geofencing is possible across any and all poc radios. This is a location-based service in which an app or other software program uses radio frequency identification, Wi-Fi, GPS, or cellular data to trigger a specific action. This could be a text, email, social media advertisement, or app notification.


Monitoring and Contacting

From the central dispatch system, you can initiate group calls, make a priority call, send and receive text messages, and a history viewer. You also have access to a contact book to be able to oversee all staff. All push to talk over cellular radios have these three functions: emergency button, lone worker, and man down. These are managed and configured within the system.


More PoC Dispatch Features

The dispatch system is used to configure your PoC devices and set up users. Perfect for multi-site, cross-country, and high-density city centre businesses. Since push to talk over cellular devices can use existing Wi-Fi networks, it delivers improved coverage and communications across the board.


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