Best Body Cameras for Security Guards

Best Body Cameras for Security Guards
Best Body Cameras for Security Guards

Best Body Cameras for Security Guards

Best Body Camera For Security Guards

Finding the right body camera for your business can be tricky. There are so many to choose from but what is the best body camera for security guards? The simple answer is there isn’t one singular body camera that’s the best. It all depends on how you use them.

Before we discuss the products on offer, let’s first consider why businesses choose a body worn camera for security and what features are available that will help you and your staff.


Why Choose Body Cameras

Gearing up with a security body camera comes with many benefits which is why they’re so important to use. With crime rates differing year to year and CCTV not available on every street corner, it’s the best way to protect your guards.

Video evidence is more reliable than verbal, meaning body cameras offer transparency and accountability. This results in the protection of your staff and business against any legal battle that may occur.

Most people change their attitude once they’re aware of being recorded which has the potential to instantly de-escalate a situation. Unfortunately, not everyone is put off by a camera. Some gain confidence whilst being filmed, leading those finding themselves in repercussions later down the line.

In addition, a security body camera can help for training purposes. This can help you see any room for improvement within the role and where training may be lacking. Improving your business and your staff.


Low End or Professional

A question that everyone is thinking; why should you get professional body cameras when there are low-end versions available? This is a very good query and a low-end security body camera may be cheaper but, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Professional body cameras are more durable and have a higher IP rating than lower-end cameras. This leads to a longer life span as one drop or fall will not cause as much damage and you’re not paying out for repairs or replacements as often.

Professional body cameras have long battery life and a big storage capacity. Different models of security body cameras have different storage capacity however these still are larger than what you will find on lower-end body cameras. The higher-end body cameras can transfer footage easily over Wi-Fi or 4G. Lower-end cameras transfer physically using cables.

A big difference between the two is the viewing angles. Low-end body cameras offer a limited viewing angle whereas professional body cameras offer a wider angle which is recommended for patrol work. This along with HD video quality makes professional body cameras worth the money invested into them.

Lower-end body cameras can be blurry and pixelated whereas professional body cameras have the ability to time and date stamp, making it easier to organise and find any footage that you may need later.


Many Features Available

The best body camera for security guards should have all the features that will make your day-to-day job easier and more efficient.

A great feature of a body-worn camera for security is the 30-second pre and post record time. The second your staff press the record button, your body camera has already stored the previous 30 seconds of the action.

You have access to an emergency button which is vital in any potentially dangerous situations and any lone workers that could be patrolling. One press and the emergency message is sent back to alert anyone who will get an emergency service out to them. Body cameras have a built-in GPS to track any body cameras & ultimately team members that are out on the job.

The best body camera for security guards should be robust, compact, and incorporate a high IP rating to cover any weather conditions or area permitting situations your security staff may be working in.

With up to 10 hours of recording time and a high-quality microphone to pick up any audio, body cameras are great to attach for your shift.


High Tech Body Camera Integration

Be aware of your staff’s safety whilst also catching real-time action!

Body cameras are constantly improving with new technology developing every year. The newest release is live streaming, seen in our new Halo partnership. Continuous access to live video feeds comes with many opportunities for safety in many ways. Emergency assistance has become easier to acquire with no wait times for your security guard to call it in. Assistance will be sent at the first sign of trouble, letting the viewer maintain situational awareness.

Using live streaming means you have a secure chain of evidence at your fingertips. Don’t wait for the body camera to come back to the office to then shift through the hours of footage waiting.


Two In One

POC, or push-to-talk over cellular, is a time and money-saving option. These are a great body-worn camera for security as they can incorporate into your current system, whether you have two way radios or mobile phones. These body cameras work using cellular, Wi-Fi and 4G. You’re less likely to encounter signal problems and the added experience of national and international coverage.



To check out our range of body cameras available, browse our body camera page!

Protect your staff with the best body camera for security guards and enquire today!


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What are PoC Radios? Push To Talk Over Cellular Explained

What are PoC Radios? Push to Talk over Cellular Explained
What are PoC Radios? Push to Talk over Cellular Explained

PoC Radios – Push To Talk Over Cellular Explained

PoC radios, or push to talk over cellular, is a two way radio meets mobile phone. It combines traditional radio functionality with modern mobile phone technology including using a SIM card. Offering the benefits of each technology in one handy device.  Push to talk connectivity with the possibility of worldwide coverage. Due to a PoC radio using mobile technology, this means communication can work over SIM cellular, 3G, 4G, and WiFi networks. Because of the range of networks used, they are sometimes be referred to as push to talk cellular, PTOC, PTT, WiFi radios, or internet radios.


What is PoC?

With push to talk over cellular, you receive all the great functions and features of digital two way radios. All communication is at the touch of a button with high quality sound. Other features include instant group calling, GPS location tracking, lone worker and man down functions. Unlike two way radios, a PoC radio is completely licence free because of the nationwide network they work off, which means no extra charges to budget in.

Not only will a PoC radio use mobile phone networks to communicate, but they allow access to many third-party apps that you have the ability to download that can help within your business.

Due to the network services they use and being unlicensed, PoC radios can be used worldwide, just like a phone. For example, a team in Scotland would be able to speak to a team in London using PoC without having to substitute quality.


How PoC Radios Work

Push to talk over cellular radios use mobile networks via a SIM card such as those within mobile phones to transmit communication. This can make it a highly reliable signal and coverage option. There is the additional cost of the SIM cards to factor into your budget but there are two SIM card options available depending on your requirements and location.

However, a poc radio can be used without a SIM as well. These radios are built to work using data and the internet. For example, if you were introducing PoC onto a school campus where the internet will be the only source of connectivity, SIM cards would not be required. The radios can be connected up to the internet system on campus to carry the signal.

Any app that is available on the Google Play store, is available on the poc device. This can range from tracking capabilities, workflow management, and time scheduling. Not only does this make it easier to integrate into a current set-up but training for staff is a breeze. This is due to the similarities to a mobile phone.


Want to find out more? Stick around! We’ll be deep-diving more into PoC over the coming weeks to make you aware of what options are available to you and your business.


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Push To Talk Over Cellular Radios – 6 Benefits

Push to Talk over Cellular Radios - 6 Benefits
Push to Talk over Cellular Radios - 6 Benefits

Push to Talk Over Cellular Radios - 6 Benefits

PoC Radios – 6 Benefits

There are many benefits to push to talk over cellular radios, this can be down to the integration of both two way radio and mobile phone technology. We will go through the benefits of PoC and how these can improve businesses and team management.


Worldwide Communication

Poc radios use SIM cellular, 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi networks to transmit communication. This means they can work nationwide and worldwide, providing you with seamless and effective communication, no matter where you are or your staff are based. In comparison to two way radios which have a specific signal range and tend to need repeaters for longer distances.


Low Cost Option

Push to talk over cellular is a great start up radio due to their low cost. Unlike two way radios, there is no licence fee or additional extras that you have to pay for. If you are using your Wi-Fi network, you don’t have to pay for a SIM or data. Reducing the amount you would pay in total, to a budget-friendly option. If you do prefer the SIM card option, there are packages available that we can help factor into your cost and budget.


Instant communication

Taking from the two way radio technology it is based on, instant communication is guaranteed when it’s at the press of a button. No more dial tones, missed calls, or voicemail. Poc makes it easier to transmit across sites and teams, and majorly improves workflow.

Additionally, PoC has the ability to become multi-fleet. Poc radios can be integrated into an existing mobile phone fleet due to the technology it is built with. This tends to be used in teams where the manager is a pre-existing mobile phone user and the rest of the team is supplied with PoC’s.


High-Quality Audio

Don’t miss out on quality, let communication be crystal clear. Even in busy or harsh environments, the noise-cancelling technology within poc radios works to provide you with the highest-quality audio possible so you don’t have to worry about being unheard.


Road Legal

Push to talk over cellular radios are in compliance with DOT (department of transport) regulations, meaning poc devices can be used on the road for commercial vehicles. Perfect for logistics, delivery, and couriers.


Multi-Use Features

PoC radios offer a range of features that can be vital within a business. There are a variety of android apps that can be downloaded to provide seamless workflow and faster service. GPS tracking, emergency button, man down, and lone worker are all features that can be vital in emergency situations.

There are a range of models available that have barcode scanners built in, great for ticket and event industries. PoC devices are an all-in-one tool that can save you time, money, and training.



Any app that is available on the Google Play store, is available on the poc device. Majority of industries use this for task distribution, time scheduling, and workflow. It helps limit the amount of devices needed to do the job, making it a multi-functional tool within the workplace.

Additionally, geofencing is possible across any and all poc radios. This is a location-based service in which an app or other software program uses radio frequency identification, Wi-Fi, GPS, or cellular data to trigger a specific action. This could be a text, email, social media advertisement, or app notification.


Now that we have discussed the benefits to poc, check out our next blog for how a poc radio differs from a mobile phone, another commonly used device in the workplace.

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How It Works: PoC Dispatch Console

How It Works: PoC Dispatch Console

How It Works: PoC Dispatch Console

Like most communication devices, PoC radios link back to a central dispatch system. This dispatch system has instant deployment almost anywhere due to the use of Wi-Fi, meaning it has an unlimited range and number of channels with less risk of interference.

But how does this work and what benefits does it provide in addition to your push to talk over cellular devices?

The dispatch system works by installing the dispatcher software onto a PC and logging in with the required information that will be given to you within your purchasing or hiring process. From here there is a vast amount of information and management control you are able to access.


Task Management

From the dispatch system, you can oversee the tasks currently distributed. This makes it easier to manage employees and organise workflow across the team. With the use of apps, this workflow and job updates can be sent to the PoC radios of the team.


Tracking With PoC

PoC radios have the ability to GPS track, which can report back to the dispatch system. Using the dispatch system, you are able to view and monitor the locations of any staff member that is equipped with a PoC device. When the emergency button is activated on a unit, it is displayed on the system map, making them easier to find.

Additionally, geofencing is possible across any and all poc radios. This is a location-based service in which an app or other software program uses radio frequency identification, Wi-Fi, GPS, or cellular data to trigger a specific action. This could be a text, email, social media advertisement, or app notification.


Monitoring and Contacting

From the central dispatch system, you can initiate group calls, make a priority call, send and receive text messages, and a history viewer. You also have access to a contact book to be able to oversee all staff. All push to talk over cellular radios have these three functions: emergency button, lone worker, and man down. These are managed and configured within the system.


More PoC Dispatch Features

The dispatch system is used to configure your PoC devices and set up users. Perfect for multi-site, cross-country, and high-density city centre businesses. Since push to talk over cellular devices can use existing Wi-Fi networks, it delivers improved coverage and communications across the board.


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Lets Talk! Hiring Two Way Radios, PoC Radios and Body Cams

lets talk! hiring two way radios, poc radios and body cams
lets talk! hiring two way radios, poc radios and body cams

lets talk! hiring two way radios, poc radios and body cams

Previously, we have touched upon 7 benefits of hiring two way radios, PoC radios, and bodycams. Let’s delve a little deeper into the benefits of hiring communication equipment with Digitall Comms.


Get The Right Equipment For You

Hiring communication equipment means flexibility, we have an extensive hire fleet available to choose from. You can test out various pieces of equipment to find which communication solution works best for you and can be tailored to your individual needs. This includes accessories too, trying to have all angles covered when purchasing can be a waste and costly. Especially if you don’t use the equipment frequently.

We understand that different events and teams may require different products which is why you don’t have to stick with the same equipment every time you hire from us. You can choose to try out the latest communication technology without taking the leap to purchase. On the other hand, if your solution didn’t get the result you wanted, we can help to create a new solution for you to try.

Repeaters are available to extend or boost your coverage if you have a large or obstructed site. Check out our blog if you’re unsure if you will require a repeater or speak to our expert team!


Safety First

Within the festive season, retail and businesses are busier than ever! Equipping your staff not only provides them with support and assurance but also the ability to require help at the press of a button, they are big benefits of walkie talkie hire.

With security heightened, venues and security teams need to be able to cope with the influx of people around for Halloween, Bonfire Night, and Christmas events. For crowd control, disturbances, busy shopping centres, the upcoming Christmas markets, and even the Christmas Light Switch On.

Two way radios have great features to help with safety of all staff and potential customers attending your business or event over the next few months. Read more on their features within the ‘Features’ section.


The Perfect Solution

Hiring communication equipment can be the easiest solution for many businesses.

The Christmas and New Year season are a perfect demonstration of why hiring communication equipment is the right solution for many. Many businesses and industries don’t need communication equipment all year round, however the festive period over Winter can mean they’re over-crowded and require extra safety & support that comms equipment delivers.

It is ideal if you have temporary staff over your busy periods. Learning how to use two way radios is a doddle, no intense training required, questions can be asked over the air waves. PoC radios are just as easy to handle, the functionality is similar to mobile phones & with most people being familiar with mobile phone technology it’s quite straight forward. That being said, instruction and training is available from our technical team.

A discussion that comes up frequently is – why not mobile phones? PoC can work on the phone network and also Wi-Fi, therefore are more reliable in terms of coverage. Call at the touch of a button or group calling. Mobile phones can be more expensive, and dangerous to use in certain industries. To find out more, why not check out our PoC vs Mobile Phone blog to see more differences between the communication devices.


Budget Friendly

Organisations get locked into a cycle of replacing cheap hand portables due to the poor quality, which just ends up costing more in the long run. Most communication equipment have an estimated lifespan of 5-7 years which overall makes it more cost effective. This is due to less money being spent continuously replacing devices, especially if you’re hiring since you’ll get a different set of radios each time that have been regularly checked and serviced between hires.

Transparent pricing with no surprise costs. No license fees for short term hiring of radio equipment, everything is included, your only payment would be your monthly fixed rate hire payment. Potential extra costs can be found within our Radio Hire Guide so you can be prepared for any situation. PoC radios may require SIM charges depending on the length of the hire, however our expert team can help you with this. Our hire rates vary and are dependent on how long the hire term is for.



Our communication equipment has many features across all products. Two way radios include man down and lone worker, and other programmable features such as manager and group calling. These are perfect for outside lone workers, whether you’re a security officer or retail assistant. The Emergency Button can be programmed in the instance of a vital situation which travels back to the main device to alert them of an emergency, all at the push of a button. Due to these radios being a pure communication device, it lowers distractions and encourages productivity and awareness. Manager/Supervisory radios can be programmed to assist with direct & group calling.

PoC is brilliant due to the range of features it provides. Third-party apps are available on all PoC devices. If the app is available on Android devices, they function on PoC devices. Large area coverage ranging from nationally to world-wide, with different SIM options available.

Body cameras are great evidential devices, capturing both video and audio. These are also built with a programmable button, giving your staff easy access to emergency communication. Some models now have live-streaming capabilities, please chat to our expert team if this is something you would like to know more about.


Having communication devices to help with safety and efficiency is a major benefit of walkie talkie, PoC, and body cam hire. If you have any more questions regarding hiring of two way communication equipment, get in touch and our expert team will be happy to help with any enquiries!


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